Maui Surfer Girl

Maui Surfer Girl Susanna

Susanna SeaFire and I have been cruising around Maui this year collecting footage for a new video, and the edit is finally out! Some footage is from surfing Maui, and some more is from Susanna surfing in Indonesia (Bali).  While it has been a grueling process, this video contains footage…

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“Draw Hawaii”

Hawaii Sunset

“Draw Hawaii” A Hawaii Drawing Series I started the “Draw Hawaii” YouTube series when I first came to Maui, and it has been a while since I did my last season.  I was thinking about putting up another season, when I realized I needed a place to put the videos…

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Awright! 2014 Hawaii GoPro Compilation

Hawaii Compilation

We made another compilation of GoPro clips, this time from all the awesomeness of 2014. This compilation of fun clips from Hawaii is an enjoyable video mixed from hikes, cliff jumps, scuba dives, and life in general throughout the year. This Hawaii GoPro compilation was just as fun as our…

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Hiking Haleakala Crater Video

Hiking Maui

Hiking Haleakala Crater PaintPoet Media created this video of a 22 mi. hike through Haleakala Crater at the top of Haleakala National Park. Check out our pictures from the trip at The music is by Donny Pike at

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Maui Oil Painting Video

Maui Painting

Maui Oil Painting PaintPoet Media has created another sweet time lapse video of a Maui oil painting called “Cascading Galaxies”, a painting by Maui artist Kevin Hoffman This video is rendered in 1080p at 180x, so the painting took quite some time to create. Follow Kevin on Instagram for up…

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Insane Hawaii Rappelling Video

Rappelling Video

Hawaii Rappelling In this episode of Hawaii Rappelling we took a walk off of a big Maui waterfall, I’d estimate about 150′, using almost the whole 60m rope. This climb was definitely dangerous but we got to the bottom quickly and without injury. Enjoy another cool video from PaintPoet Media.…

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